Assortment of Miscellaneous Photography
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West Roxburys  vital statistics

Baker School

Interior of Atwill House







1917 WW1 Fallen

Highland Club preformance in black face








Kids on buckboard

Mount Vernon Grammer School

Old Congregational Church









Sheep skin factory







Spring Street ESSO 1934

Saint Therese's

pump station gang








Westerly Burial Ground

Westerly Hall 1910







West Roxbury High School

Draper House Ink Sketch

View from WR Post Office









West Roxbury census history




         Boston Air Raid Warden             1917 WW1 Ceremony           La Grange Street Gang
                 Quiver of Arrows               Local restuaraunt scene
                         Ice Wagon           Barber Shop Price List 1923          Bob Murphy President  WRHS
                        Town Song      Korean War Monument Washington
        Massachusetts Bay Currency  
               Mail Delivery              Dan's Market Prices                Mitchell Builders
                   Saw Mill Brook  


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